Teaching Strategy

My primary goals are to keep topics crisp, clear, and relevant.

Toward those ends, I use strategies such as giving students control over some of the topic selection, compartmentalizing the subject matter cleanly, and frequently offering previews and reviews. I like to begin classtime by using discussion questions submitted by students to review, clarify, and stimulate new discussions. I also like to use live polls to help us become aware of our viewpoint diversity in a safe way before discussing hot topics.


Courses Taught


Marshalltown Community College

Intro to Philosophy


World Religions
[F21 (online)]


University of Missouri, Columbia

Contemporary Moral Issues
S21 (online)

Business Ethics
F20 (online)

The Meaning of Life

Medical Ethics
S18Su18 (online),  F18F19

Intro to Bioethics
S19 (self-paced, online),  S21 (online)

Intro to Philosophy
S19 (self-paced, online)

Elementary Logic


Eastern Gateway Community College, Steubenville, OH

F20 (online), S21 (online), Su21 (online)


Teaching Assistant

University of Missouri, Columbia

Elementary Logic

Logic and Reasoning

Intro to Ethics

Intro to Philosophy


High School Teacher

Heritage Academy, Columbia, MO
(Dual-Credit, Moberly Area Community College)

Intro to Philosophy



“This is the only all-online course I have ever taken where I actually felt a sense of community with fellow students.”
(Contemporary Moral Issues [online], Spring 2021)

“I really enjoyed this class. The class content was relevant to what is going on in the world and made me question some of my previous beliefs and the ethical standards I held. It was very informative as well.”
(Business Ethics [online], Fall 2020)

“The teaching was not biased at all which is important for me. In philosophy, you have to be open-minded which he did. I appreciate that very much, especially at this time.”
(Business Ethics [online], Fall 2020)

“…He talks to us with respect and a unique amiability that I have yet to experience in any other professor in college. Where many professors are condescending and “smarter-than-thou”, Instructor Asper is kind, understanding, and genuinely shows that he wants us to succeed. I have nothing but praise for him, his course, and his teaching skills.”
(Meaning of Life, Instructor, Spring 2020)

“I wanted to take a Philosophy class and the meaning of life really challenged my thought process and caused me to look at a lot of things in life differently as I progressed through the course. Jon taught this class very well and he promoted a lot of class discussion while also lecturing effectively. His essay and quiz assignments were all well described in the grading criteria. Thoroughly enjoyed his teaching and lectures even after they moved online.”
(Meaning of Life, Instructor, Spring 2020)

“Very knowledgeable and always had an answer. Class is like a discussion to bounce ideas off of each other. Did some fun activities/group work to get you thinking about real life situations.”
(Medical Ethics, Instructor, Fall 2019)

“The structure and lecture style of the professor were excellent and by far the best online class I’ve ever taken, both in simplicity and clarity.”
(Medical Ethics [online], Instructor, Summer 2018)

“The Instructor really pushed us to reach answers on our own, rather than wait to have it explained. Very open and positive learning environment.”
(Elementary Logic, Instructor, Fall 2017)

“The pace of the class kept me involved. Topics were taught until the concept was understood, and then we moved on”
(Elementary Logic, TA, Spring 2017)

“I wouldn’t change anything. I just wish the discussion sections were longer and more than once a week.”
(Intro to Ethics, TA, Spring 2016)


Teaching Demonstration Video